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Laybuy is an innovative payment
platform for shoppers
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Laybuy allows your customers to receive today and pay later. Laybuy increases basket size, improves conversion and removes credit risk, all while making purchases more affordable for your customers.

For retailers, Laybuy removes the cashflow impact and administrative requirements of an in-house layby (or layaway) system.

Laybuy takes responsibility for customer payments while ensuring the sale is completed immediately. Our Merchant receives payment within 48 hours.

Retailers no longer need to:

  • • Store layby (or layaway) stock pending final payment
  • • Manage the administrative costs of Layby/Layaway
  • • Worry about credit and fraud risk.

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Your customers simply select Laybuy as their payment option at your checkout. By offering Laybuy you will reach a growing audience of modern shoppers looking to use their favorite payment platform.

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Laybuy pays their merchants on Day 1 and assumes any credit and fraud risk.

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Purchases are dispatched to your customers immediately.

Benefits of Laybuy

Why our merchants use Laybuy.
Laybuy improves conversion and increases overall sales from existing and new customers.
Laybuy guarantees payment to Our Merchants within 48 hours of purchase.
Laybuy assumes all non-payment risk for every single transaction.
"Laybuy has made a massive difference to our e-commerce stores, boosting sales by as much as 50% every day since we've signed up, I highly recommend and hope it will expand quickly so our customers around the world can also use it!" - Iyia Liu, Founder of Luxe Fitness and Waist Trainer
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