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The effortless payment solution for growth

Offer a simpler way for shoppers to pay in 6 weekly interest free instalments while receiving your payment immediately.

The benefits of using Laybuy

  • Grow your sales and customer base

    Laybuy increases your average order value, boosts conversion rate and grows your customer acquisition

  • Payment,
    straight away

    Laybuy pays all merchants up front seamlessly, automatically and quickly

  • Omni-channel

    Laybuy creates a frictionless experience both online and in store

  • Fraud risk

    Laybuy assumes all non-payment and fraud risk for all payments

  • Easy payment

    Laybuy makes adding the payment option simple through partnerships with leading eCommerce and POS providers

  • Seamless

    Rich and comprehensive RESTful API’s allow for direct integration into any system

How it works for Merchants

  • Sell

    Customer completes their purchase using Laybuy as the payment method

  • Fulfilment

    Order is processed and shipped to the customer as normal

  • Payment

    Laybuy settles payment into your nominated account up front

  • Manage

    Laybuy assumes all credit and fraud risk for every transaction

Integration partners

Integration is simple and easy. Laybuy is partnered with leading ecommerce and POS platforms. API documentation is available for online and POS.

Enquire about integrating Laybuy with your platform today.

Merchant Dashboard

Access rich data, discover who your shoppers are, stay up to date with new product launches and everything in between to help you grow your business with Laybuy’s innovative Merchant Dashboard.